Kater nähen :: How to Sew a Cat

Wer kennt ihn nicht, den lustigen überaus lebendigen Bilderbuchkater mit der grün-gestreiften Hose? Mein Sohn findet ihn toll und ich hatte Lust ihm einen eigenen Kater zu nähen. Aber wie?
Who doesn't know this funny picturebook cat who wears pants with green stripes...? My son loves this cat and I thought I could sew him his own cat.. But how?
Searching the internet I did not find the perfect pattern. I studied teddybear-sewing-instructions but in the end this one turned out to be most helpful: carlos.pdf
I modified the pattern taking the size of a doll and studying the typical face of the desired cat in the picture book.
Then I started sewing and FRIEDA was born:
Frieda the cat, Katze Frieda

Findus und Frieda

Frieda is made of piece of an old t-shirt, an old cardigan and filled with wool.The eyes are painted and sewn on by hand, the snout stitched.
I found she was a bit skinny and I cut out the next pattern a bit bigger to sew FINDUS. Maybe a bit too big for the ears...
Another funny thing: after Findus had a small mudbath in Kindergarden he started to smell like a sheep. Maybe next time no wool-filling... But as a felter I actually like the smell :) 

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