Challenge :: progress

Now the challenge is nearly over. I feel many of my pages are still not quite finished but I want to share the progress:

#4 - a capital letter and a motive

#5 - a small scene with interacting elements and something three-dimensional
weaver birds

#6 - crotchet or knitted background and some metall
(metall detail still missing - you can guess what it will be? Also I still want to add some beeds)

#7 - the end - written
the lions needs some more stitching

#8 - the cover
in progress...

#9 - the binding
not yet....

End of the week we are also still having our big rambling of pages. Already have one for this exchange but keeping it secret until later...

Go and see the wonderful booklets everyone made at the Pinterest Board!

It was a great challenge and even though sometimes hard to find the time to work on it I very much enjoyed the work and the exchange. Thank you Sara and everyone who took part!!


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