Challenge:: page 2&3

The booklet challenge is going on pretty fast - this week it's already page no. 4 and I only completed part 3 yesterday. Page 2 is not yet finished, some leaves and thorn of the camel thorn tree are still missing...
I really like the way this all turns out. Every week a new challenge and you never know where it is going to lead you...

Yesterday I have been at a workshop making silkpaper and I just had to add this new technique to my booklet because it fits so well...

Here are some pictures of what has been made so far:

An African Proverb, machinestitched on silk paper (silk on some Namibian post office paper)

Another African proverb on silk paper with onion dyed silk fibres and another silk paper made on top of a copy of a lion

front and back of a page done in Sara's described technique: some needlepunched wool, some paper. I was going to write on it but then I saw the shades of that animal (in the background of the print) and had to follow the lines with my machine. I liked the uncut ends of thread hanging around and just left them.

Here are all the pages I got so far, also the second page which still has to be completed...



  1. Oh my Sophia, you're doing great !
    Love the paper used in the booklet, why not

    1. thanks Els!
      I think sikl and wool go good together so i decided to mix it. also because i could not help it and had to use the newly learned technique :)


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