Hochzeiten und Geschenke - Weddings and Presents

Auf zwei Hochzeiten haben wir dieses Jahr getanzt. Ich finde es immer schön, etwas selbstgemachtes zu verschenken und so entstanden diese Geschenke.

We were invited to two weddings this year and these are the handmade presents:

Above: for the rings during the ceremony....

The box below was made to keep lots of good wishes and messages for the couple - to read on their 5th wedding anniversairy...

Together with another friend of the couple we organized a wedding-quilt, with squares crafted by most of the guests. Here are the squares from my family:

 1 - because Roxette was our first big love...
2 - with an Namibian embroidery, sewn in the name of my parents who live in Namibia and for remembering the visits and travels to Namibia
3 - postcard from the big Australian-journey we made in 1995 with her parents
4 and 5 - by my rock`n`roll - men

And a peak of the finished quilt, a friend spent hours sewing it together... and did a great job! Here you can find her blog.

For the second wedding i felted this fish with a big belly for some treasure....

With carp Cyprinus saying "hi"

Last but not least - the "heart-shaped-box" I felted last year saying "thanks" to my "maid of honor"

... maybe some inspirations ?


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